Farhenheit turn the skills of four singer musicians into music for dance.

The band reveal their traditionnal, electronic and pop music influences throughout Europe’s balfolk and festnoz hottest dancefloors. Farhenheit’s choice repertoire ranges from Alexandre Sallet’s Hanter-Dros, Remi Kesteman’s Mazurkas, Simon McDonnell’s Irish songs and Antoine Morin’s Breton Ridées. Security warning: 96° F is the minimum temperature when the powerengines start and the dancers begin to take off to a full and vibrant sound … no seat belt requi
Location When Summary Description
Retiers, France October 15, 2022 Fahrenheit Festival Le Grand Soufflet
Steenwijk, NL October 22, 2022 Fahrenheit CaDansa Balfolk Festival
Mamers, France November 5, 2022 Fahrenheit Festival Coup d'Parquet
Past References

Prague BalFolk Immersion (CZ)

Boombal Festival (BEL)

Festival Dañserlà (DE)

Festival Celtes en Ouche (FR)

Muziekclub’t Ey – Belsele (BE)



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